Bone and Plant Collections

The BIAA laboratory houses extensive reference collections and has suitable equipment to support a wide range of environmental research. Three rooms are reserved for archaeozoology, for palaeoanthracology and for archaeobotany. There are 4 major collections in the laboratory: the seed collection has 2792 samples; the herbarium collection with 2568 specimens; the wood collection which has 80 specimens of modern Turkish trees and shrubs; and the bone collection with 102 skeletons (complete and partial) of mammals and birds. Microscopes, measuring devices, scales, geological sieves, a riffle box and computers are available. Research is further supported by a large section in the library of the Institute devoted to environmental studies. This includes both reference books and atlases as well as reports, conference proceedings, Ph.D. theses and other publications covering work done in Turkey and a large part of the Middle East, the Black Sea and the Balkans.
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