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With Suggestions on eating and drinking close to the BIAA
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There is a selection of buses, dolmus buses, underground and taxis for your commuting in Ankara. Taxis can be located anywhere. Trustworthy and quick outside rush-hours.Prefer the ones waiting for customers at designed spots. Buses: You will need an EGO kart to use public buses (that can be bought from kiosks or büfe/markets) or 2TL change for the private buses (there is a person collecting the ticket price when you enter). For routes see the interactive map: The underground has two lines Metro and Ankaray and you can use an EGO kart to commute. The dolmus buses are fast and economic way of travelling around but you need to know the specific spots that they launch from. Güven Parkı in Kızılay is a major station for Buses and Dolmus Buses


You can use the BelkoAir airport bus to reach the city centre (Kızılay). You will find the Belkoair buses located outside the arrivals hall at the airport. Please tell the bus driver that you are going to ‘Kızılay’ so as to place your luggage correctly. Kızılay is usually the first stop of the bus (journey time from the airport approx. 35-45 minutes). From there you can catch a bus (2.25 TL) (numbers 114, 427) to Kuğulu Park, 5 minutes walk from Hotel AlDino or simply take a taxi direct (10 TL)



Speakers who have requested accommodation will be staying at the Aldino Hotel, Bülten Sokak 22, on the nights of the 9th and 10th April. Information on the hotel is available at their website:



Museums / Galleries in Ankara

A detailed overview |
The Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
The CerModern | The museum of contemporary Art in Ankara
The Koç Museum  |

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